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At Eric Ratinoff Law Corp, we are master storytellers. If you believe you have grounds to sue after suffering a personal injury, don’t hesitate to contact our Sacramento personal injury lawyers. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t pay a dime unless we win. During your free, no-obligation consultation, we’ll tell you if your case has merit, and help you move forward with pursuing your claim in the Sacramento courts. Call (916) 970-9100 to schedule your consultation today.


Our team of wildfire attorneys have spearheaded some of the largest wildfire litigation in California, including the 2017 North Bay Fires and the 2015 Butte Fire. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars for fire victims, helping rebuild Calaveras County after the devastating 2015 Butte Fire. Call us today to find out how you can start the recovery process from the Camp Fire.


We are currently representing people who are battling cancer due to repeat exposure to Roundup weed killer. If you have used Roundup weed killer and have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or another form of cancer, call us at 916-970-9100 or fill out the form on this page to find out more about filing a Roundup cancer lawsuit.

Why Do I Need A  Sacramento Personal Injury Attorney?

Many people who suffer injuries from others’ negligent actions may assume their cases fit the idea of “open-and-shut”. If another person caused your injury, you have the right to file a lawsuit to recover your damages. While this may sound straightforward, the process of building a lawsuit and seeing it through to a final Judgment is very difficult, and the average person does not possess adequate legal training to navigate to a successful result alone. Missing filing deadlines, forgetting crucial documentation, overlooking evidence that supports your claim, and missing valuable avenues of compensation are all possibilities if you attempt to represent yourself.

While some people may find self-representation feasible, it’s a good idea to hire a personal injury attorney to handle your claim. Your attorney will help gather the evidence you need to build a compelling case and will also know where to look for compensation that you may have overlooked on your own. Your attorney will also know how to navigate the court’s filing system and help meet all applicable deadlines.

Another benefit to hiring a reliable personal injury attorney is that he or she can handle your correspondence with insurance companies. If your injury resulted from a car accident or any other incident in which insurance would play a role, an insurer is far more likely to agree to a satisfactory settlement if a claimant has a car accident lawyer act on his or her behalf. When a claimant makes an insurance claim, the insurer may attempt to convince the claimant to accept a lower settlement than he or she expected. The insurer will be far less likely to try this if the claimant has legal representation.

Proving Negligence and Winning Your Case

Negligence plays a central role in personal injury cases. For a plaintiff to win a lawsuit, he or she must prove that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care, failed to meet that duty, and his or her breach of duty directly resulted in the plaintiff’s damages. Many factors may complicate this process, such as California’s pure comparative negligence rule, and your attorney will help you navigate these issues.

Under California law, a plaintiff may still recover damages even if he or she contributed to causing those damages. The jury hearing the case will assign each party a fault percentage according to their degree of negligence in the events in question. Under pure comparative negligence, a plaintiff can still recover damages if he or she is 99% at fault. The plaintiff loses a percentage of the case award equal to his or her fault percentage. In a $100,000 case, a plaintiff found 90% at fault would lose 90% of the award for a net total of only $10,000. In this case, it may not be worth the expense for the plaintiff to file a claim in the first place if the award would be less than the legal costs of pursuing the claim.

If a plaintiff succeeds with a personal injury claim, the damages he or she may receive can include:

  • Property damage. If the defendant’s actions caused any damage to the plaintiff’s personal property, the plaintiff can claim the costs of repairing or replacing the vehicle as damages in the lawsuit.
  • Medical expenses. These damages include any economic damages resulting from the treatment of the plaintiff’s injuries, such as hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, prescription medication costs, and any costs related to ongoing care.
  • Lost income. If the defendant’s negligence resulted in the plaintiff missing time from work, the plaintiff can claim damages for the wages lost in that time.

Pain and suffering. The jury will listen to expert witness testimony to understand the degree of physical pain and mental anguish the plaintiff experienced as a result of the defendant’s negligence and award an appropriate amount.

How a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Personal injury accidents occur every day in Sacramento, California. Painful workplace injuries, disastrous slip and falls, devastating car accidents – in a split second, you can become an accident victim. In your time of need, do not rely on insurance companies to be there for you.
Their only goal is to persuade you to settle for as little as possible. Only a personal injury attorney will have your best interests in mind and fight for the compensation your injuries deserve.

With decades of experience handling cases from simple to highly complex, Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers have the tools, resources, and education to masterfully handle any kind of personal injury case.

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How a Sacramento Personal
Injury Lawyer Can Help You.

What makes our success rate so high is our focus on conveying the stories of our clients’ losses in a compelling way. Our team conducts focus groups to really shed light on what happened during the accident, and what the client has suffered since. Our ability to tell your story can convince an insurance company, judge, and/or jury that your losses are real and demand fair and just compensation. We paint a picture of our clients’ losses beyond legal documents and spreadsheets using:

  • expert testimony

    Hiring experts to testify about what happened in your accident is a key element. Experts can explain the extent of your injuries, describe how your condition will affect the rest of your life, and help put a monetary value on your suffering.

  • powerpoint graphics

    A comprehensive collection of graphics via PowerPoint will help us use more than words to represent your case. We can put together a polished, professional, and poignant presentation.

  • medical imaging

    We’ll implement medical images of your injuries as well as any x-rays, scans, or tests. Medical imaging is hard evidence of the extent of your physical damages.

  • graphic storyboards

    We’ll recreate your story using powerful motion graphics to show exactly what happened, how you sustained an injury, and who is to blame.

  • micro-documentaries

    Our team will take your case home with a short documentary. We have the equipment and skills to put together a touching and accurate portrayal of how your personal injury accident has affected your life.

At Eric Ratinoff Law Corp, we care about our clients. Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys give each person our undivided attention, traveling throughout California to meet with potential clients and offering free consultations to understand their losses on a deeper level. Putting people over profits isn’t just a slogan – it’s the foundation of our firm. We represent each case with aggressive, principled litigation. No case is too big or too small when the cause is right. We are the personal injury lawyers other lawyers send their clients to for help. As seasoned trial attorneys with excellent reputations, our team has what it takes to pull you through hard times.

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Telling our clients’ story is an integral part of our practice. Our client’s losses are beyond legal documents and we believe in people over profits, no matter the circumstance.
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We go the extra mile - hiring experts to present your case in the best light for YOU.
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A polished digital exhibit can speak in ways that words alone cannot.
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Medical Imaging
We present your medical images as hard evidence of your injuries sustained.
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Our attorneys will set the scene of your accident through vivid storyboards.
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We can portray the true impact your accident had on you.
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We take the time to use focus groups to understand the effect of your evidence.
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Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers are united by one common thread: we fight for people. It is our job to help alleviate your concerns and to pursue compensation for you and your family, and to ultimately protect your rights and your future.
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