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The damage associated with medical malpractice goes beyond just the body. It severely impacts the trust between a patient and their medical professional. Patients depend on the skill and experienced judgment of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. When a caregiver violates his or her role by deviating from the accepted standard of practice and causing harm to the patient, the damage can be extremely traumatic. 

A harmful deviation from the standard of care by a healthcare practitioner could lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit in California. This type of civil claim aims to make a victim whole again by ordering the defendant to pay them compensation. 

At Eric Ratinoff Law Corp., we understand that no amount of money can take away the harm done by a neglectful or careless medical professional. We fight to hold medical professionals liable for the harm they cause, and to ensure our clients can access the care they need to heal. Our Sacramento medical malpractice attorneys are passionate about achieving justice for injured patients. Speak to a Sacramento, CA medical malpractice attorney today to learn more about your legal options.

Sacramento Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Why Choose Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys?

Navigating a medical malpractice claim can be a complex and challenging process. The guidance and advocacy of a medical malpractice lawyer can significantly enhance your chances of a successful claim. 

Working with us provides the following benefits through the legal process: 

  • Our medical malpractice clients trust us for honest and accurate answers to their questions. We offer free initial consultations to discuss cases in more detail.
  • Our malpractice attorneys are excellent storytellers. We know how to make a jury understand what your injuries have cost you physically and emotionally.
  • Our law firm has decades of experience practicing medical malpractice law in California. We have a lengthy history of positive results.
  • Our Sacramento medical malpractice lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis. Your attorney comes at no cost if we do not win your case.

If you suffered harm due to medical malpractice, consult the Sacramento medical malpractice lawyers at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. to understand your legal rights and options to pursue compensation.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Malpractice is wrongdoing by a professional while performing job-related tasks. It goes beyond negligence, which is an unintentional or careless breach of the duty of care, and into knowing and intentional misconduct. Medical malpractice refers to an act or omission by a licensed healthcare practitioner that a reasonable provider would not have committed in the same circumstances. The practitioner must have known or had reason to know the action could harm the patient but did it anyway.

In a legal sense, a medical malpractice claim is a civil lawsuit brought against one or more defendants for causing a patient’s injury or death. A physician, nurse, hospital, or another defendant might be guilty of medical malpractice if the doctor owed the patient a professional standard of care, failed to meet this standard, and caused the patient’s injuries. A malpractice claim could result in compensation granted to the victim in Sacramento.

Who Is at Fault for Medical Malpractice?

If a medical provider deviates from an accepted standard of care, resulting in patient harm, they can be found liable for medical malpractice. In many situations, there is more than one party that must be held responsible in a medical malpractice case. Identifying these parties is vital for seeking legal recourse and holding the appropriate people accountable for your damages. 

The following parties may be liable for medical malpractice, depending on the unique circumstances of your case: 

Healthcare Professionals

The primary parties typically held accountable for medical malpractice are medical professionals directly involved in the patient’s care. This includes doctors, surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other licensed healthcare providers. Their actions, decisions, or omissions may lead to a breach of the standard of care, which forms the basis for all medical malpractice claims. Examples of negligence include misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medication mistakes, failure to provide informed consent, and inadequate monitoring of patients. 

Hospitals and Medical Facilities 

In certain situations, hospitals and medical facilities may be held liable for medical malpractice, either through direct negligence or vicarious liability. Hospitals have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of patients and may be responsible for the actions or omissions of their employees, including physicians and nurses. If the hospital’s policies, inadequate staffing, faulty equipment, or inadequate training contribute to medical malpractice, they may share liability for the harm suffered by the patient. 

Pharmaceutical Companies 

Pharmaceutical companies may be liable for medical malpractice in cases where defective drugs or medication errors lead to harm. The company may face legal consequences if a medication has been improperly manufactured, labeled, or marketed, resulting in adverse effects or complications for a patient. Additionally, if healthcare professionals administer medication incorrectly or fail to provide proper warnings or instructions, they may also share liability with the pharmaceutical company. 

Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical devices, ranging from implants to surgical instruments, are integral to patient care. If a medical device is defective, improperly designed, or fails to perform as intended, causing harm to the patient, the manufacturer may be liable for medical malpractice. Healthcare professionals involved in the selection, implantation, or use of the medical device may also share liability if they were aware of any risks or failed to take appropriate precautions.

When Should You Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney?

Medical malpractice statutes are some of the most difficult to understand and apply. Yet it is never more important for a plaintiff to understand the laws as it is during a medical malpractice claim. With so much on the line in terms of damages, a plaintiff needs a firm understanding of how related laws will apply to their case. Otherwise, the plaintiff may make mistakes that hurt the odds of recovery, such as failing to meet the burden of proof.

If you have serious injuries due to the alleged malpractice of a doctor or surgeon in Sacramento, use an attorney to represent you during a claim. Dealing with insurance companies alone could lead to the acceptance of an award that far underestimates the worth of your case. A medical malpractice lawyer can explain California’s laws, list your legal options and help you resolve your case for the best results possible. While you look toward the future with better peace of mind, your attorney can handle the tougher aspects of your medical malpractice lawsuit for you. When you search for an attorney, don’t hesitate to contact our Sacramento medical malpractice lawyers for legal help.

Medical Error Is the Third Leading Cause of Death in The US

As you can see above, medical malpractice from a physician is a growing problem across the US and is now the third leading cause of death across Americaclaiming over 200,000 lives every year. 

Medical negligence injuries may include malpractice by a physician, hospital, or other health care provider in which improper or negligent treatment jeopardizes the health or causes serious injury or loss to a patient and their family.

Our Sacramento personal injury attorneys continue to pursue compensation on behalf of those who have been injured by the neglect or carelessness of medical care providers. Medical negligence is a serious injustice, and although no dollar amount could ever replace what was lost due to medical error, financial compensation is, unfortunately, the only recourse patients have to fight back.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits in Sacramento

We are proud of the case results our injury attorneys have been able to obtain on behalf of people who have been injured or who have lost loved ones to medical malpractice, and we continue to fight for their rights in and out of the courtroom. 

A few examples of medical negligence lawsuits at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. include:

  • $7.6 million dollar spinal cord injury medical malpractice case, which is believed to be the largest medical malpractice jury verdict in Sacramento County history.
  • $1.1 million in a chiropractic malpractice case in which a patient’s chiropractor failed to diagnose Cauda Equina Syndrome. The failure to diagnose resulted in the patient’s permanent paralysis.
  • $850,000 recovery on behalf of a woman and her family in a medical malpractice case arising from the failure of the woman’s doctor to diagnose her breast cancer. The settlement also addresses a future wrongful death claim for the terminally ill woman’s husband and three grown children.
  • Six-figure arbitration awarded in a Kaiser medical malpractice dispute. The plaintiff was admitted to Kaiser Foundation Hospital to deliver a baby. Within days after undergoing an emergency C-section surgery, she developed several severe infections. Treatment for the infections required hospitalization and prolonged treatment at home involving painful wound cleansing and care. The arbitrator determined that Kaiser’s failure to provide adequate antibiotics for the plaintiff’s infections was the proximate cause of her pain and suffering.
  • $1.25 million in a medical negligence case against a hospital on behalf of a woman who suffered a heart attack that resulted in a brain injury while she was waiting to be seen in the emergency waiting room of the hospital.

Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating malpractice cases as well as other injury cases, and we have a track record of results against some of the largest and toughest medical establishments and insurance companies in the nation. For over thirty years, Eric Ratinoff and his team have succeeded in obtaining outstanding results for our injured clients through litigation and settlement negotiations.

The type of medical malpractice cases our Sacramento Firm handles include:

If you do not see the type of malpractice that injured you or a loved one on this list, contact Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. for more information. We have experience taking on many different types of medical malpractice claims. Our Sacramento medical malpractice attorneys will make sure you are seeking the proper medical attention for the injuries you are suffering and fighting for the compensation you or your loved one deserve.

Sacramento Medical Malpractice Attorney

Compensation for Medical Malpractice in California

Our attorneys are always striving to win top results for their clients, especially after life-changing injuries such as traumatic brain damage or a spinal cord injury. Top results mean the maximum possible settlement or judgment award entitled by law to the client for his or her damages. The damages available in your case will depend on the details and vary case by case. The basic damage categories include medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damages, out-of-pocket expenses, loss of consortium, and punitive damages.

Contact Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Sacramento, CA, for a Free Consultation

If you or a loved one have suffered a severe medical malpractice injury or a wrongful death due to the negligence of a medical professional, our team of medical malpractice lawyers at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. can help your case. Attorney Eric Ratinoff continues to dedicate his practice to helping clients achieve proper and fair compensation for their injuries. For questions or a free case consultation, call our Sacramento office at (916) 970-9100 or fill out a contact form.

“My husband and I could not be more pleased with Eric Ratinoff. We came to his firm seeking help and guidance regarding a medical trauma, but left with so much more. Eric was compassionate, caring, and attentive. We were always treated with respect, and every question we presented was handled efficiently and thoroughly. I would recommend Eric and his firm, Eric Ratinoff Law Corp, to anyone I know with the confidence that they will handle any person, any case, any problem with the professionalism and concern that they did ours.”
– Satisfied Client

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I’ve been injured due to medical malpractice, what kind of compensation can I receive?

Damages for medical malpractice cases can include past and future medical costs, expenses for medical equipment and home accessibility modifications, past and future lost wages, pain and suffering, property damages, out-of-pocket expenses, loss of consortium, potential future life care costs, and, in some cases, punitive damages.

How long do I have to file a medical malpractice claim in Sacramento?

The Statute of Limitations for all personal injury claims, including medical malpractice, varies depending on a number of factors. It typically ranges between 1-2 years, but in some cases can be as short as 6 months. If you suspect your injury was caused by a negligent medical professional, you should contact a medical malpractice lawyer as quickly as possible to protect your legal right to file a claim. 

Should I hire a Sacramento medical malpractice attorney to help me with my claim?

Medical malpractice claims are complicated and expensive. Proving that a medical professional breached the standard of care involves employing experts and other professionals to evaluate the evidence and testify on your behalf. Only a handful of personal injury lawyers handle medical malpractice cases due to the up-front expense and expertise required, and also because of the cap California places on pain and suffering damages. If you have been injured at the hands of a medical professional, you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible and find out your options for a financial recovery.