Will My Car Accident Settlement Cover My Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment is extremely helpful in correcting back and neck injuries following a car accident. However, accident victims often hesitate to visit the chiropractor over fear about the treatment being covered by a settlement. Fortunately, a car accident settlement will cover chiropractic treatment in most cases.  Chiropractic Treatment Must Be “Reasonably Necessary” A car accident… read more

Workers’ Compensation for Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents can greatly impact the lives of workers and their family members. These types of accidents are usually unexpected and can cause severe injuries, as well as be financially and emotionally draining. Workers injured in an industrial accident while on the job can claim workers’ compensation to help pay for medical costs and a… read more

How Do Wrong Way Accidents Happen?

Crashes involving wrong-way drivers are some of the most catastrophic types of accidents due to their head-on nature at potentially high speeds. In a moment, and with no warning, a reckless or drunk driver can cross the centerline and change others’ lives forever.  Reasons Why Wrong Way Accidents Happen Unfortunately, wrong-way accidents happen more often… read more

Radiology Errors Malpractice

Radiology is an important part of the medical practice. It is used to diagnose many injuries and medical conditions. If a radiologist makes a preventable mistake while reading or interpreting your imaging test results, it could interfere with your ability to receive the medical care you need. In this circumstance, you may have grounds to… read more

What Is Informed Consent in California?

Patients have many rights when it comes to controlling their medical care. It is ultimately up to a patient to decide which medical treatments to approve and procedures to undergo. Before a doctor or surgeon can perform a procedure on a patient, the practitioner must obtain the patient’s informed consent. With only a few exceptions… read more

What Are Economic Damages in California?

If someone else causes an accident that injured you in California, you could be eligible for damages. Damages is the legal term for financial compensation available for the injuries and other losses caused by someone else’s wrongful acts. There are two main categories of damages available in a personal injury lawsuit in California: economic and… read more

How to Obtain a California Accident Report

If you get into a car accident in California, one of the most important things to obtain is an accident report. The police accident report – also called a traffic collision report – will contain important facts about your crash. Once you obtain a copy of your California accident report, you can use it to… read more

What Is the Difference Between Personal Injury and Bodily Injury?

As an accident victim in California, you may encounter both terms: personal injury and bodily injury. Although they sound similar, they have different definitions on a legal level. There is a big difference between filing a bodily injury claim and a personal injury case. Work with a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento for more information… read more

Preparing for and Giving a Deposition in California

If you file a personal injury claim in California, you may be required to give a deposition. Although the idea of a deposition is daunting for many plaintiffs, it is not something to be afraid of. It is your opportunity to tell your side of the story. With assistance from an experienced Sacramento personal injury… read more

What Are Interrogatories in a Personal Injury Case?

During the legal process required to resolve a personal injury case in California, you may encounter interrogatories. Interrogatories are questions you must answer under oath, in writing. If you find out you need to answer interrogatories during your case, a personal injury attorney in Sacramento can advise you on what to say and what not… read more