How California Personal Injury Lawyers Estimate Pain and Suffering Damages

Pain and suffering damages refer to the physical pain and emotional anguish that a victim may be experiencing after an injury that can affect their life post-accident so drastically that they may obtain monetary compensation in a personal injury claim. These types of damages are categorized as non-economic damages. There is typically no set standard… read more

How to Remedy Unfair Rental Car Charges and Other Rental Car Hassles

A recent story published by USA Today says that over 230 rental car customers were charged with theft after returning cars they say they legally rented from Hertz Car Rentals. Sounds like a nightmare, but it’s true, and now Hertz is facing a class action lawsuit for these claims. Apparently, the point of contention circles… read more

What Are Emotional Damages in a California Car Accident Claim?

If you have experienced a serious car accident, you may have to receive extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. While physical injuries require immediate care, the emotional damages of a severe car accident can be lasting and can impact a victim’s wellbeing long-term. If you sustained substantial injuries, chances are you will also have to navigate… read more

How to Prove Pain and Suffering in a California Car Accident Claim

Car accidents can take a toll on the emotional well-being of victims. Physical injuries may heal in time following an accident, but pain and suffering may prolong for years, or even decades. Some victims may experience emotional pain and suffering due to their accident for the rest of their life. Pain and suffering due to… read more

What Are the Most Commonly Overlooked Injuries after a Car Accident?

Injuries can be commonly overlooked after a car accident because of the adrenaline and shock that affect your body. There can be a great deal to take in after an accident, including your personal injuries, the scene, your totaled car, and emergency medical care. You may be feeling overwhelmed, and it can be common that… read more

Do Personal Injury Claims Cover Chiropractic Care?

Severe injuries resulting from a car accident can be improved by chiropractic care. Sometimes chiropractic care is included in your scope of medical care by your physician, but you may also have to seek it out independently. Treatment can be expensive, and you may be wondering if personal injury claims cover chiropractic care. Insurance companies… read more