What Happens If You Hit a Car That Is Illegally Parked?

Striking a parked car is almost always the fault of the person driving…unless the other vehicle is illegally parked. In cases involving illegally parked cars, both drivers could be at fault: one for violating the parking rules and the other for negligently hitting a parked vehicle. Cases involving shared fault use specific laws in California…. read more

Hit By a Police Car in Sacramento: Can I Sue?

Law enforcement officers in Sacramento work hard to protect citizens’ safety. Yet even with professional training, police officers can make serious mistakes on the job. Careless, reckless and distracted driving are examples of police officer negligence that could injure innocent people. If a police car in Sacramento recently struck you as a pedestrian, bicyclist or… read more

4th of July Firework Safety Tips For 2019

In the midst of a holiday celebration, it’s easy to forget the necessity of practicing the same level of safety you would any other day to prevent an accidental injury. The Fourth of July’s grand celebrations, characterized by exploding fireworks, are a good example of this. Though fireworks are a quintessential part of the Independence… read more

Can I Sue If the Accident Was My Fault in California

Though much of the literature on the internet surrounding personal injury claims addresses the case from the plaintiff’s point of view, not all states designate a clear division between who is at fault and who is not. Some states, like California, operate under comparative negligence rules, which change the guidelines on who can file for… read more

Are Personal Injury Settlements Public Record?

Personal injury claims give citizens an avenue to pursue compensation for a wide array of damages. Some cases are more black-and-white than others, like minor car accident lawsuits, while others hit closer to home. No matter the context, claimants and defendants alike might wonder what parts of their legal case are open to public record…. read more

What Is the Deposition Process in Sacramento?

During a personal injury court case, both parties will have to undergo a process called deposition. Depositions occur during the discovery phase of a lawsuit – a pretrial phase in which both parties host interviews with those involved to learn more about the case. Depositions can seem daunting as the victim of a personal injury,… read more

New DMV California Motorcycle Laws – Updated 2019 

Several new laws applying to Sacramento motorcyclists took effect on January 1st, 2019. In a news release, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reminded motorcyclists of these changes, including some that apply to gender identity on driver’s licenses, driving under the influence, motorized scooters, and more. Keeping up with the latest changes in traffic… read more

California Personal Injury Statute of Limitations 

Statutes of limitations are laws that set maximum time limits for filing claims. Every state has statutes of limitations in place to encourage timely claims filing. It is very important to understand the statute of limitations on your particular personal injury case in California. Missing your deadline to file will most likely result in losing… read more

What Is Pure Comparative Negligence in California?

During a personal injury claim, you may hear the phrase “pure comparative negligence.” This is a term your personal injury lawyer might use when discussing the potential outcome of your case. Pure comparative negligence laws could impact how much you receive for your injuries. Each state has unique fault and negligence laws. Understanding the law… read more

New Study: The Most Dangerous Intersections in Sacramento

From 2013-2017, there were over 26,000 motor vehicle crashes in the city of Sacramento. Of these crashes, 5,517 occurred at intersections.  Considering motor vehicle accidents in Sacramento are the majority of the cases our law firm handles, we wanted to conduct an analysis to which of the city’s intersections pose the highest risk to drivers. Where… read more