Pedestrian accident

Can a Driver Be at Fault for Hitting a Pedestrian Who Was Jaywalking in California?

Jaywalking occurs when a person crosses a street where there is no crosswalk. When no cars are coming, running across the street may seem harmless, but it can be quite dangerous. Sometimes a pedestrian can’t see when a car is nearby, and the person jaywalking can suffer a harmful collision. Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. is… read more

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Is Jaywalking Illegal in California?

Jaywalking is the informal term for a pedestrian unlawfully crossing the street where he or she does not have the legal right to do so. It is a common yet highly dangerous practice in California. Like most states, California has a law specifically banning jaywalking. Breaking this law could lead to a ticket and a… read more

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Guide to Halloween Pedestrian Safety 2019

Holidays such as Halloween come with an increased risk of traffic accidents. Drunk, distracted and reckless drivers endanger the lives of pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists. Whether you plan on driving on Halloween night or taking the kids trick-or-treating, learn a few safety tips for pedestrians. Your awareness of pedestrian safety this Halloween could save… read more

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