Common Neck and Back Injuries Following a California Car Accident

As you carefully navigate through traffic, a collision’s sudden, abrupt impact may catch you off guard. Immediately after the accident, you may feel fine. However, hours, days, or even weeks later, the aches and pains from your accident become noticeable. Neck and back injuries are commonplace among those involved in California car accidents.  Despite all… read more

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What Kinds of Hazards Do Garbage Trucks Present on California Streets?

Garbage pick-up is a necessary service for all neighborhoods in all cities. Unfortunately, garbage trucks also present hazards to those sharing roadways with them, and they can create a dangerous situation for other motorists.  If garbage trucks do not move across residential neighborhoods carefully, they may cause accidents with other motor vehicles or pose a… read more

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6 Beginner Motorcyclist Mistakes to Avoid

Getting your new motorcycle license can be thrilling. Motorcycles offer an experience wholly different from driving any other type of motor vehicle. Many riders are drawn by the therapeutic effects of riding through long stretches of fresh air and beautiful scenery. Newly licensed motorcyclists should be extra cautious when taking their new ride on the… read more

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