Product Liability

2018 FDA Drug Approval Process: Is it Safe?

Last year was huge in U.S. Food and a Drug Administration (FDA) drug approvals, according to Drugwatch, there hasn’t been as high of a number since 1996. Without including new forms of pre-existing ingredients and drugs, there were 46 new molecular entities (NME), or novel drug ingredients, that received their stamps of approval compared to… read more

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FDA 2018 Recall Recap: June’s Noteworthy Recalls…So Far

A recall is a word dreaded by consumers and companies alike. Whether it’s contaminated food or defective products, at the slightest it’s annoying for the affected persons. In worst case scenarios recalls can result in ailments, injuries or even cause a consumer’s demise. In 2017, the FDA recalled 9,199 products according to that year’s Enforcement… read more

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Consumer Product Safety Commission June Recalls

Despite good intentions, some manufacturer’s products just fail and/or are possibly even dangerous. In an effort to keep consumers safe, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) oversees around 15,000 products and recalls about 400 of them in a year, according to a news report by CNBC in 2017. Companies have to report issues with products… read more

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