How to Conduct Yourself During a Workers’ Comp Case Deposition

Workers’ compensation is one of our key practice areas at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. Our personal injury lawyers are passionate about helping individuals and families move forward after serious work-related accidents. We know how to improve injured workers’ cases to obtain the best possible compensatory awards for them. If your case requires a workers’ comp deposition, for example, we can walk you through the interview process and what mistakes to avoid.

Ways We Can Help You Prepare for Your Case

  • Discuss what to expect during a deposition with your lawyer. Learning about the setting, time, date, dress code and common best practices at a deposition could prepare you.
  • Review all your medical records and documents related to the case beforehand. Brushing up on the facts can make it easier to answer the questions asked.
  • Prepare to answer typical questions about your case, such as your work history, typical job-related duties, what treatments you received and your current disabilities.
  • Always tell the truth during a deposition. While you can keep your answers short and simple, be honest to avoid any inconsistencies that could hurt your case.
  • Stay calm, be polite and take your time. Do not let your nervousness or the insurance company’s attorney pressure you into saying the wrong thing.

Contact our Sacramento Workers Comp Lawyers

If you do not feel comfortable going through a workers’ comp deposition alone, a lawyer can accompany you. A lawyer from our law firm can be present during your workers’ comp deposition to make sure your employer’s insurance company does not ask any inappropriate questions. Your lawyer can advise you on what to say and what not to say during the deposition. We can give you greater peace of mind during every phase of a Sacramento workers’ compensation lawsuit, including the intimidating deposition process.