Mountain View Fire

The Mountain View fire started on November 17, 2020, at approximately 12:15pm in Mono County, California. As of today’s date (December 1), the fire is 70% contained at 20,385 acres. The remaining 30% is under snow and confined to “ground fire,” meaning that only stumpoles and underground roots are actively burning, so it is expected that snow melt will aid in putting out the remaining fire.

However, damage has already been done. The fire took the life of one civilian while displacing almost all the residents of Walker and Coleville. Eighty buildings burned.

An investigation is currently underway as to the cause of the fire. Liberty Utilities has come under scrutiny for not shutting off power in time to prevent the blaze. If you were impacted by the Mountain View Fire, we encourage you to call us today to discuss your rights to compensation.


When it comes to wildfire claims, many people mistakenly believe it would be easier and more cost effective to represent themselves. However, there are many elements that come to play in a wildfire lawsuit, especially when they involve powerful utility companies with deep pockets to defend themselves. It takes a great deal of time, experience, resources, and energy to fight against these companies. Most wildfire victims find it difficult enough to simply navigate the insurance claim process; to try and handle a lawsuit on top of that would be exhausting and likely ineffective.

Our firm has recovered billions of dollars on behalf of California Wildfire victims. On top of representing wildfire victims in litigation against the responsible party, we also help them with their insurance claims. A common misconception is that a wildfire lawyer will take money from the victims’ insurance policy, but this is never the case with our firm. We provide insurance assistance as a part of what we do to help our clients in their recovery, and we do not charge any fees for this service.

If we represent you in a case against Liberty Utilities, we will fight for you and do our very best to make you whole from fire-related property damage and other losses. Taking legal action for personal injuries, total property loss, or a deceased loved one can result in more resources for you and your family to recover from this devastating event.

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