Common Neck and Back Injuries Following a California Car Accident

As you carefully navigate through traffic, a collision’s sudden, abrupt impact may catch you off guard. Immediately after the accident, you may feel fine. However, hours, days, or even weeks later, the aches and pains from your accident become noticeable. Neck and back injuries are commonplace among those involved in California car accidents

Despite all the safety features built into modern vehicles, our necks and backs are still quite vulnerable to various types of injury in an accident. Treating these injuries can be costly, so when someone else’s negligence is the cause of your accident injuries, you should pursue compensation and justice through a car accident claim. An experienced California car accident lawyer from Eric Ratinoff will ensure you receive the level of compensation necessary to fully recover from your injuries. 

Common Neck and Back Injuries Sustained by People in California Car Accident

Neck and back injuries are caused by car accidents whipping and jerking passengers around. These injuries can range from mild to severe and can be felt from your neck to your lower back. The following are some of the more common neck and back injuries sustained in California car accidents.

Lumbar Spine Injuries

Lumbar spine injuries affect the lower back and require specialized treatment. Someone who has sustained a lumbar spine injury could suffer from a wide range of conditions requiring varying levels of treatment. For example, a fracture would need to be addressed with surgery. Compensation for medical expenses such as this could be acquired with the help of a California car accident lawyer.

These injuries are identified using several clinical assessments, such as X-rays or MRIs. The pain often radiates from the lower back through the toes, varying in intensity from highly uncomfortable to severe. 

Disc Herniation

Disc herniation occurs when the force of the impact compresses your vertical discs and pulls them out of alignment. Vertebral discs are spongy structures between your vertebrae, preventing them from jostling against one another. 

One of the more frequent reasons for middle back pain following a car accident is disc herniation, which can happen anywhere along the spinal cord. Disc herniation can eventually result in other degenerative spinal illnesses if it goes undetected. Risks like these are yet another reason to reach out to a California car accident attorney.

Thoracic Spine Injuries

Those involved in car accidents may sustain thoracic spine injuries that affect them from the upper back to the middle back. These injuries can cause uncomfortable back pain, and severe thoracic spine injuries can lead to paralysis, fractures, or disc herniations. Because your vertebrae are thinner in the thoracic portion of your spine than in the lumbar or cervical sections, thoracic spine injuries can be particularly dangerous to experience.

Facet Joint Injuries

After a collision, facet joints can sustain injuries themselves, but so can the cartilage that protects the facet joints. Facet joint injuries can cause severe pain. Facet joint injuries can also pave the way for a later onset of facet joint syndrome, a degenerative spinal condition that can be debilitating if ignored.

Let a Trusted California Car Accident Lawyer Evaluate Your Claim

Car accident injuries can set us back and hinder our daily lives. Even if you feel okay immediately following the accident, you likely won’t realize the severity of your injuries until you seek medical attention, which can be expensive. The ensuing treatment, lifestyle changes, and missed work are just some ways your injuries can negatively impact your life. Consider seeking compensation for these losses with legal guidance from a trusted California car accident lawyer.

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