Top 3 Steps to Take after a California Truck Crash

Surviving a truck accident can be traumatic and stressful, and it’s understandable for victims to feel overwhelmed in the aftermath. If you’ve suffered injuries, you may be in severe pain, out of work, or without a vehicle and unsure what to do next. Or you may be affected by all of these situations. No matter who or what caused your accident, it is vital to know what to do following a trucking accident in California.

One thing you should always do is contact a truck accident attorney. At the Eric Ratinoff Law Corp, we can thoroughly investigate the accident and guide you through the claim process. If you are ever in a truck accident in California, follow these additional steps.

Call 911 and Get Help

The first thing you should do is call 911. Calling emergency services serves two essential purposes: it notifies local officers of the accident and gets you and other injured parties medical assistance. Regardless of injuries, an ambulance will likely accompany the police officers to the accident scene to evaluate all parties. If EMTs recommend that you go to the hospital, take their advice. Medical staff will document the injuries you sustained. Documentation of your injuries may aid your injury claim.

The police will document the accident scene and prepare an incident report. These reports are beneficial because the police will document the names and contact information of the parties involved. This information will be vital when filing a claim for property damage and bodily injury.

Seek Medical Attention

If EMTs do not have to transport you to the hospital, you should still schedule a doctor’s appointment. You might be suffering from internal injuries only a doctor can diagnose. Additionally, not all injuries show symptoms right away, but a doctor may detect them early.

Waiting until symptoms appear may allow the other party’s insurance company to claim your injuries resulted from a different accident and deny your claim. Furthermore, insurers may interpret not speaking to a medical professional as you exaggerating your injuries, which could also result in them denying your claim. Ultimately, seeking medical care after a truck accident is beneficial to your injury case and health.

Do Not Speak to the Other Party’s Insurance Company

In the days and weeks following your truck accident, you will likely receive phone calls from the other party’s insurance company. It is crucial to remember that you are not required to speak to them. They will want to talk about the accident and your injuries. Additionally, they will likely ask for a recorded statement, which is also not required. An insurance representative may even threaten to deny your claim.

Insurance adjusters representing the other party do not have your best interests in mind. They are looking for ways to maximize their profits, meaning they will do whatever they can to deny or reduce your claim. They do this by twisting your words and taking quotes out of context. For example, even saying “I’m fine” to an insurer may cost you your entire settlement. Once you receive calls from an insurer, refer them to your attorney. They can handle the case on your behalf.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney in Sacramento Today

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