Passage of SB 320 California Brain Injury Legislation

I am happy to announce that SB 320 is on its way and has passed in the Senate Health Committee recently with a vote of 5-2. I am thrilled to know that we are in the process of giving all brain injury survivors the chance of a well deserved recovery.

For those not as familiar with this bill – or with brain injury in general – traumatic brain injury (TBI) is far more complicated than any other disease and requires highly specialized treatment. SB 320 will enable the most clinically effective and cost efficient specialized treatment for survivors of acquired brain injury, ensure that this trauma is seen as a catastrophic health condition and that it is treated on par with other major medical conditions which have no time limitations. The equality that the passage of this bill will provide for is priceless.

It is vital that we have opportunities for a substantial recovery period for all survivors. These survivors will then have the opportunity to demonstrate what is possible with proper care the way others before them have. These amazing individuals include ABC reporter Bob Woodruff, Senator Michael Kirk and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. When access to specialized treatment of appropriate timing, duration and intensity are allowed for, the results are truly nothing short of remarkable.

So what is the next step for SB 320?  Monday, May 13, it will face another hearing in the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Thanks to everyone who has voiced their support of this legislation, we are on our way to seeing it improve medical access for brain injury survivors.