SB 320 Outcome

Unfortunately, when brain injury bill SB 320 was brought to the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 23rd it was not passed.

As one of the more complicated diseases that anyone can face, traumatic brain injury requires appropriate treatment and time for recovery. I am saddened that the bill has not yet passed, but remain positive that it will in due time.  And once passed, it will enable the most clinically effective and cost efficient specialized treatment for survivors.

Thanks to the diligence of BIACAL and its thousands of supporters, SB 320 has made it this far. Being approved by the Senate Health Committee with a vote of 5-2 was a huge victory for not only the bill but all brain injury survivors who are entitled to appropriate care and recovery. Being able to get through the first stages was the direct result of the amazing supporters who took the time to write letters and sign petitions. This goes to show what combined effort can accomplish.

SB 320 has been cited for roughly $270,000 in costs for the development of regulations, review of health plan filings, and initial enforcement activities by the Department of Managed Health Care. It seems as though costs are playing a massive part in the setback of the bill.

So what comes next? SB 320 is now a two-year bill. BIACAL will work with cost analysts and the Senate to address the fiscal impact of the legislation. This will, hopefully, move SB 320 to its final stage of becoming a law.