Understanding Electric Scooter Laws in California

Electric scooters are a fun and scenic way to get around California’s cities and towns. As this new mode of transportation has grown in popularity, it has become necessary to develop laws that help keep those who ride these electric scooters, as well as pedestrians, safe from personal injury. If you are considering riding an electric scooter, it is important that you understand the electric scooter laws in California before beginning your ride. 

Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. is a California personal injury law firm with almost 30 years of experience helping victims of electric scooter accidents. Our California electric scooter accident lawyers want you to know what preventative safety laws are in place so that you can avoid a preventable electric scooter injury.

What Laws Are in Place For Electric Scooters in California?

Whether you are traveling by car, bike, or electric scooter, it is always important that you know what laws are in place concerning your mode of transportation. Not only do these laws help keep you and those around you safe, but if you break these laws you may be subject to legal repercussions. The electric scooter laws in California are as follows:

Electric Scooter Safe Locations in California

In the state of California, you cannot just ride your electric scooter anywhere. There are designated scooter-safe locations. There are two paths marked for bikes that scooterists may ride regardless of the speed limit posted for cars:

  • Class II Paths: Typically referred to as bike lanes, these paths are defined by a single striped line and allow only one-way travel. 
  • Class IV Paths: These bikeways are protected by cones or barriers that protect individuals from oncoming traffic. 

While electric scooters are permitted in these locations, they must maintain a speed of 15 miles per hour or less. Electric scooters may also operate on roadways that have a speed limit of 25 miles per hour as long as the scooter maintains a speed of 15 miles per hour or lower. Electric scooter drivers may also operate their scooter on roads that have a speed limit of 35 miles per hour, but only if the county or town specifically requests an ordinance for this to be acceptable. The California electric scooter accident attorneys at our firm want you to take every precaution to avoid injury.

California’s Electric Scooter Helmet Law

While helmets may not be the most fashionable item, they are essential to your safety when riding an electric scooter. Additionally, there are laws in place that may require that you wear a helmet when operating an electric scooter. 

The electric scooter helmet law does not require individuals 18 years or older to wear a helmet while riding their electric scooter. While helmets may not be required for those who are 18 years or older, however, electric scooters are motorized and may cause serious harm if used improperly. Everyone below the age of 18 are legally required to wear a helmet while on an electric scooter. Deviation from these laws could lead to a serious injury, which may require a California electric scooter accident lawyer.

What Are the Penalties for Breaking Electric Scooter Laws in California?

If you break any of the laws regarding an electric scooter in California, you may be facing legal penalties as a result. These repercussions include a costly fine that may vary depending on what law you broke and whether you are a repeat offender. If you are caught breaking a helmet law, you may be faced with a fine as high as $200. 

Speak With a Top-Rated California Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer

While electric scooters may be a fun mode of transportation, they can still lead to damaging injuries if an accident occurs. If you have been injured in an electric scooter accident, contact a California electric scooter accident attorney as soon as possible to begin building a strong claim. 

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