Sacramento Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer

Electric scooters from companies like Bird Inc. and Lime are gaining popularity all over cities in the Central Valley and beyond. Ridesharing is the way of the future, and e-scooters are the next step in the peer model revolution. Unfortunately, these scooters can cause accidents, both to the rider and to other pedestrians. Without proper regulation, they pose a serious risk of harm. If you sustained an injury in an accident with an electric scooter, contact Sacramento personal injury lawyer Eric Ratinoff Law Corp today to schedule a free evaluation of your case.

Sacramento electric scooter accident lawyer

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Electric Scooter Laws in California

After reports of accidents and injuries, many municipalities began cracking down and regulating the scooter sharing companies. Reports of abandoned units in front of store doors, scooters operating on city sidewalks, and cars overtaking them on streets have all led to safety concerns.

Lawmakers, city officials, and concerned citizens have all made attempts to control the use of the scooters and maximize safety.

  • Assembly Bill 2989, which held support by the scooter company Bird Inc., lobbied to lift the requirements for helmet use while riding an electric scooter. While the provision passed, the city of Sacramento still requires the use of helmets while operating a motor-assisted scooter within the city limits.
  • City officials are hard at work regulating the scooters to avoid the risk of possible injury. The provisions are expected to pass sometime in January 2019. Rules will likely entail creating designated parking spaces to avoid the congestion reported in some other cities.
  • Many Bay Area and Central Valley cities require a per-scooter fee for companies to set them up within the city limits. Fines help the city offset the costs of regulation and encourage the ride-sharing companies to exercise more thought when distributing units.
  • As a motor-assisted vehicle, all electric scooters must operate on the street, no sidewalks.

Injuries From Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are now widespread throughout the state of California, as are reports of injury to both users and pedestrians. Emergency departments throughout the area have reported an upswing in electric-scooter related injuries.

  • Users can experience broken bones, concussions, and other life-threatening injuries from falling on the roadways or getting into an accident with a car operated by a distracted motorist.
  • Pedestrians can trip over units parked on sidewalks or sustain more serious injuries from colliding with a scooter user illegally using a unit on a pedestrian walkway.

If you or your loved one are suffering injuries from an electric scooter accident, don’t hesitate to call our scooter accident attorney in Sacramento for legal help. We are here to fight for the justice you and your loved one deserve.

Who Is Liable for an E-Scooter Accident?

Scooter sharing is a relatively new concept; as such, it is an evolving area of law. An injured person’s right to compensation will depend on the nature of the accident and other parties involved. Grounds for a liability claim may exist.

  • Against a negligent driver and his or her insurance policy
  • Against a scooter company itself for failing to abide by applicable city ordinances
  • Against a scooter user, if a pedestrian sustains an injury from the negligent operation

Because electric scooters involve new or evolving laws, it is essential to have an experienced electric scooter attorney examine your case. The Sacramento electric scooter accident lawyers at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp keeps up to date on the new laws and regulations that may apply to an electric scooter injury case. If an accident involving an electric scooter has left you or a loved one injured or worse, you may be able to file a claim that compensates for your economic and non-economic losses.

To schedule a free review of your legal options, contact us today. Our expert scooter attorneys in Sacramento offer legal services based on contingency fees, so you will not have to pay for our services unless we win your settlement or trial.