What Are the 4 “A’s” of Motorcycle Safety?

At Eric Ratinoff Law Corp., we advocate for clients who have suffered personal injuries in any motorcycle accident caused by another person’s negligent or careless behavior. In doing so, we believe it’s important to promote safe and responsible motorcycle handling to help avoid such accidents. Each California motorcycle operator has the legal duty to handle their bikes in as safe a manner as possible. So today we’re going to discuss the 4 “A’s” of motorcycle safety.

How Much Does Ability Matter?

The first “A” of motorcycle safety refers to one we feel matters greatly, that of ability. Those who decide to take up motorcycle riding must train in the basic skills of operation. After all, there’s more to safe motorcycle handling than simply trying to apply one’s existing driving skills to operating a vehicle with two wheels rather than four.

Too many budding motorcycle enthusiasts rush out to buy a bike and try to just “wing it” on their own. Others think it’s sufficient to simply have a friend train them in an empty neighborhood parking lot. However, more than 90% of motorcycle operators involved in accidents either learned how to ride a bike from a friend or taught themselves. This is an eye-opening statistic that illustrates how important professional rider training can be.

How Important Is Awareness?

The second “A” of motorcycle safety is awareness, and its importance in safe motorcycle operation cannot be overstated. As important as it is for motorcycle operators to master basic skills like smooth starts and stops, how to shift gears, how to navigate curves, and safe swerving, it’s perhaps even more vital to hone the art of awareness.

Safe motorcycle riders must always be vigilant for potential dangers in their environment. Navigating intersections can be particularly dangerous for motorcyclists, so they need to pay attention to road signs announcing approaching intersections. They also need to keep in mind that driveways also count as intersections. Maintaining awareness can help motorcyclists identify and safely respond to impending risks on the road.

How Does Attitude Play into Safe Motorcycle Riding?

Dangerous situations can arise in a moment out on the open road, and someone’s attitude at the time of such hazards can factor hugely into how they respond. That’s why the third “A” of motorcycle safety, attitude, is so important. Reacting to sudden changes on the road in anger or frustration only increases the likelihood of a dangerous incident occurring.

Maintaining your calm in the face of someone pulling out in front of you, for instance, may make the difference in maintaining sufficient space to avoid a collision. If a rider allows anger to guide them, they may be tempted to follow the person who pulled out in front of them too closely. If the motorcycle operator remains cool-headed instead, they may be able to maintain control over their vehicle and continue on their ride rather than escalating tensions between two drivers sharing the road.

How Does Action Affect Motorcycle Safety?

The fourth and final “A” of motorcycle safety refers to action, and it’s one that many motorcyclists may be nodding along with in understanding. One of the unique advantages to operating a motorcycle is something called “Dynamic Lane Positioning.” This means that riders can move throughout their lane to help create space from surrounding vehicles or to obtain a better view of the road ahead when necessary.

That ability to take quick action and maneuver in a manner that four-wheeled vehicles cannot also means motorcyclists can avoid dangerous potholes or debris. The ability to safely maintain, lower, or increase speed as appropriate is another important action riders can take to increase motorcycle safety. Adding all of this with the other three “A’s” of motorcycle safety will help riders take appropriate steps whenever road hazards arise.

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