What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident in California

California motorcycle accidents occur unexpectedly, but unfortunately, they are fairly common. In 2019, over 400 motorcyclists died as a result of a motorcycle accident in California. A severe motorcycle accident can result in lasting injuries, mounting expenses, and emotional damages for the victim. It’s imperative to understand how the actions after your motorcycle accident may affect a personal injury claim down the road to obtain a successful outcome. 

If you have been injured in an accident due to a negligent driver, speak to an experienced California motorcycle accident lawyer. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients who have been substantially harmed by a preventable injury. At Eric Ratinoff Law Corp., we offer a complimentary consultation to evaluate your claim and work on a contingency fee basis so you can obtain the justice you deserve. 

What to Do After a California Motorcycle Accident 

If you have been injured in a California motorcycle accident, you should receive medical attention first and foremost, even if you believe your injuries are minor. Depending on the impact, your injury may develop over time. You may not feel any internal injuries or trauma you sustained due to post-accident adrenaline. In these cases, seeking immediate medical attention will help link the injuries you have endured with your personal injury claim. 

The following are other considerations and steps you can take after a motorcycle accident: 

Call Law Enforcement and Assist With the Accident Report 

The best way to alert first-responders and trained medical professionals are to call 911 after an accident. The police report is vital evidence that may be used to assess liability after the accident. Answer questions honestly and recount your perspective to add to the report. Regardless of what you think just happened, avoid apologizing or any other admission of guilt. 

Gather Essential Evidence at the Scene of the Accident  

Gathering persuasive evidence at the scene of the accident is one of the most beneficial steps you can take for a personal injury claim. The following may be used as evidence in your motorcycle accident claim: 

  • Photos and videos that show important details, such as damage and injuries 
  • Videos of the accident scene may be essential to establishing liability
  • Names, statements, and contact information of witnesses 

If you are too injured, ask a close friend or family member to gather the evidence for you. 

If you have been injured due to negligence, speak to one of our seasoned motorcycle accident lawyers. We can skillfully investigate the accident and obtain essential evidence that will help your claim. We work to build a strategic case and obtain the compensation you deserve. 

Extensively Document Losses and Injuries 

Proving you have sustained damages due to negligence requires strong evidence. Comprehensive medical records, such as treatment plans, diagnoses, and imaging documentation may help support your claim. It is important to adhere to your treatment plan and not miss appointments so that insurance adjusters can’t discredit the validity of your injuries. 

What Not to Do After a California Motorcycle Accident 

In the heat of the accident, it may be easy to forget what you shouldn’t do to protect yourself in a potential future personal injury claim. To have the best chances of recovering the compensation you are owed, avoid doing the following after a motorcycle accident: 

  • Apologizing after the accident
  • Accepting a settlement offer without an attorney
  • Posting about your accident on social media 
  • Admitting or insinuating a fault 
  • Providing a recorded statement 
  • Giving the at-fault party’s insurance company access to medical records 
  • Discussing your claim with any others

After a severe California motorcycle accident, you may be overwhelmed with the mounting medical bills you owe, your inability to return to work, or the emotional damages caused by the trauma of the accident. Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. can help you build a solid claim and pursue accountability for the losses you have incurred. 

Speak to an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. 

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