Who May Be Liable for a Car Accident Caused by a Defect?

California law holds manufacturers and sellers responsible for selling defective products that harm consumers, including defects in vehicles that cause car accidents. When a collision is caused by a vehicle defect, the question of liability can be complex, as multiple parties may be held liable. Parties may include manufacturers, retailers, repair shops, and government entities.

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4 Parties Who May Be Liable for a Car Accident Caused by a Defect

Depending on the type of vehicle defect that caused your car accident, one or more parties can be held liable for injuries, including the following:

1. Vehicle Manufacturers

The manufacturer can be held liable for an accident caused by a car defect. Under product liability law, manufacturers have a duty to ensure that products are safe for consumers to use. If a defect in the manufacturing or design process of the vehicle caused the accident, the manufacturer may be liable for any resulting damages.

2. Dealerships and Retailers

In some cases, dealerships and retailers may be held liable for a vehicle accident caused by a defect. If the dealership or retailer knew or should have known about a defect and chose not to disclose it to the buyer, they may be liable for injuries sustained in a car accident.

Additionally, a dealership can be deemed liable for an accident if they make promises about the performance of the vehicle or if they make alterations to the vehicle without telling the buyer, which leads to an accident.

3. Repair Shops

If a motor vehicle accident is caused by a defect that was not properly repaired, the repair shop may be liable for a car accident. Repair shops have a duty to ensure that they make repairs correctly and do not introduce new defects to the vehicle. If a repair shop fails to properly repair a defect or creates a new defect, it may be responsible for any resulting damages.

4. Wholesaler or Vehicle Shipper

If a defect that caused a car accident originated from a wholesaler or shipper, they could potentially be liable for resulting damages. These parties have a duty to avoid damage to the vehicle or its individual parts during the transfer from the manufacturing facility to its point of sale. Any negligent or reckless storage of a car that results in a defect can make them liable for a car accident.

Determining liability in a car accident caused by a defect can be complex and requires a car accident lawyer on your side to investigate the accident and obtain evidence of negligence.

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Determining liability for a car accident caused by a defect can be a complex process. While the manufacturer may be primarily responsible for the defect, other parties may also be liable for contributing to your injuries. At Eric Ratinoff Law Corp., we understand the different factors that contribute to proving liability. Seek legal guidance to ensure your rights are protected.

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