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Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer: Lawsuit ResultsEric Ratinoff has made numerous recoveries on behalf of his clients for lawsuits involving personal injury, product liability, insurance bad faith, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, medical malpractice cases, car and trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, and a wide range of other catastrophic personal injury issues.

Below are some examples of Eric’s lawsuit results, including both jury verdicts and pre-trial settlements.


$7.6 Million Jury Verdict: Failure to Timely Diagnose Spinal Cord Injury

In one of the largest medical malpractice jury verdicts in Sacramento County, Eric Ratinoff and a former law partner recovered $7.6 million on behalf of a young woman rendered paralyzed from the waist down due to U.C. Davis Medical Center’s failure to diagnose a mass on her thoracic spine. This medical malpractice verdict will empower the young woman with the ability to move on with her life independently and pursue educational opportunities with the medical resources that she needs.

$2.25 Million Recovery for Bicycle Accident

$2.25 million for a cyclist who was seriously injured in an auto accident.

$2 Million Personal Injury Recovery

$2,000,000 Personal Injury recovery for a woman who suffered a leg amputation resulting from an infection caused by a pedicure.

$1.6 Million Recovery for Failure to Diagnose Cancer

$1,600,000 Medical Malpractice recovery for a man whose doctor failed to diagnose him with cancer.

$1.1 Million Recovery for Failure to Diagnose Cauda Equina Syndrome

$1.1 million in a chiropractic malpractice case in which the plaintiff’s chiropractor failed to diagnose Cauda Equina Syndrome, resulting in permanent paralysis. The spinal cord injury lawsuit recovery will pay for the client’s long term medical treatment and attendant care needs for the rest of his life.

$1 Million Recovery for a Woman Injured in an Auto Accident

$1 million personal injury recovery for a woman who suffered post concussion syndrome.

$1 Million Recovery for Kidney Failure caused by Prescription Drug

$1 million in a medical malpractice case in which the plaintiff’s doctor administered a prescription drug that caused irreversible kidney damage.

$850,000 Auto Accident Resulting in Herniated Disks

$850K recovery on behalf of client who suffered herniated disks from being rear-ended on the freeway.

$750,000 Product Liability:  Defective Pressure Cooker

$750K recovery on behalf of a Napa woman injured in her kitchen when her pressure cooker exploded, causing severe burns and a slip and fall that broke her leg.

$500,000 Wrist Injury caused by Animal Attack

$500K recovery on behalf of a woman who injured her wrist after pounding on neighbor’s door to avoid being attacked by neighborhood Rottweiler.

$680,000 Jury Verdict for Woman Injured in Car Accident after Insurance Offered $300K

On August 28, 2013, a Sacramento jury (California Superior Court, County of Sacramento, et al. 34-2009-00064793) awarded $680,000 to a woman seriously injured in a car collision caused by a driver allegedly distracted with a text message. The plaintiff was represented by experienced auto accident attorneys, John Demas, of Demas Law Group, and Eric Ratinoff.

According to court documents, the insurance company for the car’s driver offered $300,000 to settle the case. However, plaintiff’s attorneys Demas and Ratinoff demanded $500,000 based on their client’s medical expenses, loss of wages, and need for future surgery and medical treatment. Based on the evidence presented at trial, the jury ultimately sided with the plaintiff, exceeding their demand with a verdict of $680,000 plus costs and interest, including all past medical expenses, $77,000 in past wage loss and $316,000 in future damages. With costs and interest, the total awarded to the plaintiff is approximately $930,000.

$596,834 Jury Verdict for Motorcycle Accident after Insurance Argued Cyclist 75% At-Fault

A San Francisco jury awarded $596,834 to a man seriously injured when a car failed to ‘yield the right of way’ and struck his motorcycle. The insurance company for the car’s driver argued that the motorcyclist was speeding and at least 75% at fault for the collision.  The jury disagreed based on the evidence presented at trial, and awarded the motorcyclist nearly $200,000 in medical bills, $300,000 in past pain and suffering, and $100,000 in future damages.

“We are very proud of our client who pursued this matter with dignity and never gave up in the face of a defense that unfairly tried to shift the lion’s share of the blame onto him,” said attorney Eric Ratinoff. “At the end of the day the jury agreed with us, awarding him more than 20 times the highest pre-trial offer.”

$400,000 Medical Malpractice:  Failure to Diagnose Kidney Problems

$400K medical malpractice recovery on behalf of a man whose doctor failed to diagnose kidney problems following blood work results that indicated high creatine levels.

$250,000 Medical Malpractice against Dialysis Center

$250K medical malpractice recovery on behalf of a client who became infected with Hepatitis C from a dialysis center.

Fire Insurance Claim Denial

Substantial settlement in an insurance bad faith claim for fire damage. The successful resolution of their fire insurance claim will allow the family to rebuild their home and to pay for their personal belongings that were destroyed in the fire.

Auto Insurance Bad Faith

Underinsured motorist claim wherein the insurance company was ordered to pay more than five times its highest offer.

Disability Insurance Bad Faith Claim

Successful benefits recovery on behalf of an OBGYN who became disabled late in his career and was denied by his insurance company because he lost staff privileges at his local hospital.

Disabled Cardiologist Disability Insurance Claim

Large settlement in a disability insurance case after the insurance company denied the claim of an invasive cardiologist on the basis that he could still practice as a cardiologist.

Successful Disability Claim for Orthopedic Surgeon Filing Late

Insurance Attorney Eric Ratinoff successfully revived the disability claim of an orthopedic surgeon who filed many years late.  Even though the doctor was able to perform his occupation full time as a non-operative orthopedist, Mr. Ratinoff recovered substantial benefits owed.

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