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The bus system in the Capital City area provides commuters with a cost-effective and convenient mode of travel. Overall, bus travel is safe and makes up the minority of transportation accidents. When an accident does occur, however, the consequences can be catastrophic. If you suffered losses in a bus accident involving public or private transportation, contact the Sacramento bus accident lawyers at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. to schedule a free review of your legal options today.

Why Choose Our Sacramento Bus Accident Attorneys?

For over 30 years, our Sacramento bus accident attorneys have served the residents of Northern California, achieving life-changing settlements and trials for our clients. When you are involved in a bus accident, seeking the assistance of experienced bus accident lawyers can be essential in navigating the complex legal process and securing the compensation you deserve.

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  • We possess focused knowledge of specific laws and regulations governing the transportation industry.
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  • We have the resources, experience, and network of experts necessary to conduct the level of comprehensive investigation needed to build a solid claim.
  • We are skilled negotiators who can handle all communications with insurance companies, bus companies, and their legal teams on your behalf.
  • We accurately calculate the value of your bus accident claim and fight for fair compensation on your behalf, maximizing your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

Suffering injuries and going through the legal process can be stressful. By working with dedicated Sacramento bus accident attorneys, you can focus on your recovery and well-being while our knowledgeable legal team handles the complexities of your case. This peace of mind allows you to concentrate on healing and rebuilding your life after an accident.

Reasons to File a Bus Accident Lawsuit

Bus accidents can have long-term consequences, resulting in injuries and financial hardship for victims. When such accidents occur due to misconduct, filing a bus accident lawsuit can be a vital step toward seeking justice and obtaining compensation for damages.

You may consider pursuing legal action after a bus accident for the following reasons:

  • Accountability and justice: Filing a bus accident lawsuit holds the responsible parties liable for their actions. By taking legal action, victims can seek justice and ensure those at fault are held responsible for negligence or misconduct. This can help prevent similar accidents from occurring in the future.
  • Determining liability: Bus accidents often involve multiple parties, including bus drivers, bus companies, maintenance personnel, and even government entities in some cases. A lawsuit allows for a thorough investigation to determine who is liable for the accident and ensures the responsible parties are held accountable for damages sustained by the victim.
  • Compensation for damages: One of the primary reasons to file a bus accident lawsuit is to seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages suffered due to negligence.
  • Insurance challenges: Dealing with insurance companies after a bus accident can be complex and challenging. Insurance adjusters may attempt to minimize the settlement or deny the claim altogether. By filing a lawsuit, victims can protect their legal rights to the maximum compensation they deserve.

If you were involved in a bus accident, consulting the highly qualified Sacramento, CA bus accident lawyers at Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. can help evaluate your case and determine the best course of action to protect your rights and interests.

Laws Regulating Busses

Bus accident cases work a little differently than accidents involving two motor vehicles. In those cases, a person files a claim against the at-fault driver, and his or her insurance company pays out a claim to cover any economic or non-economic losses. Bus accidents can be far more complex. Several factors may influence the claims process, including the following:

Was the Bus Public or Private?

A private bus, such as a Greyhound or other passenger liner, does not enjoy the same protections as a bus operated by the city or other municipal entity. Claims against the government require adhering to a strict set of regulations – missing a single step could result in an injured party losing their right to compensation. Municipal claims, for example, feature a much shorter statute of limitations, some as short as six months. They also require a formal notice of claim letter that precludes any other legal action. Having an attorney familiar with the procedures a municipal claim requires is essential.

Who Committed Negligence?

One of the most important aspects of filing a claim after a bus accident is determining the party responsible, which requires an in-depth investigation of the accident. Was the operator of the bus solely responsible, or did other motorists play a role in causing the accident? Several different claims may exist – one against the bus driver or his or her employer, or other motorists on the road whose negligence contributed to the crash.

Common Carrier Law

One of the most important laws governing bus accidents is the common carrier law. Modes of transportation that deliver travel for a fee, such as planes, trains, and buses, all fall under the category of common carriers. Because they collect a fee for transportation, their duty of care is much higher than the average motorist’s. Common carriers must exercise the highest degree of care and diligence when transporting people and cargo. Failure to abide by the smallest regulation could form the grounds for a personal injury claim when that failure leads to harm.

Types Of Compensation Available to Injured Parties

An injured plaintiff may be able to collect both economic and non-economic damages from an at-fault bus company.

  • Economic damages seek to compensate the victim for the tangible losses associated with the accident. Examples include medical bills, lost wages, and the projected costs of future care, if applicable.
  • Non-economic damages provide recompense for the intangible losses a plaintiff suffers. Examples include physical pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and any loss of life quality associated with the experience.

In some cases, injured plaintiffs may be able to collect punitive damages from a defendant. Generally reserved for cases of gross negligence or recklessness, punitive damages seek to punish the defendant for wrongdoing and make an example of them.

Operators of common carriers, like bus drivers, must exercise the highest degree of care regarding the transportation of passengers or cargo. Failure to do so could create grounds for a personal injury claim. If you or a loved one suffered harm in an accident involving a bus, you may be able to collect compensation for your losses. Contact Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. today to schedule a free review of your case.

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