River Fire (Mendocino Complex) Lawyer

California is suffering extreme loss after the Mendocino Complex fire, which has become the largest in the state. Despite the work of firefighters and the military, its flames push through barriers – both those in nature and the one’s volunteers have erected to stop the spread of the fire. If you’ve suffered an injury from the flames, lost property, or your business is in jeopardy due to the River Fire, talk to an experienced wildfire attorney who understands the nature of California personal injury laws, knows how to talk with insurers, and can help you during this difficult time.

What Started the River Fire

The River Fire – much like the other wildfires blazing across the state this year and in years past – is the result of an epidemic drought condition that has turned large areas of wilderness into tinder for blazes. Why this specific fire started is unclear, but it is dangerously simple for wildfires to start and spread under the present weather conditions – high temperatures and low rain and humidity.

The fire’s spread is somewhat contained by weather trapping the smoke and heat in one localized area, but as of early August 2018, only 34% of the total fire is contained by firefighters. By the time this fire is contained, there will be an inordinate amount of human suffering and property devastation across the region.

Firefighters combine the River Fire and the nearby Ranch Fire in their efforts to contain the blaze. Though the two fires started separately and have not – as of August 8th – combined, they are labeled by news media as the singular Mendocino Complex Fire.

How the River Fire Affects the Mendocino Area

The River Fire is the state’s largest wildfire to date. It supersedes the previous largest fire – which took place just eight months before. The fire has devastated over 290,000 acres of land, over half the year’s total of approximately 600,000 acres. Fortunately for most residents, the fire blazed mostly through rural, sparsely populated countryside. This means that, compared to smaller fires throughout the same year, the River Fire has caused a smaller loss of life and property.

Despite this, the fire is a devastating event and the smaller comparative damages are little comfort to those who must deal with the aftermath of this inferno. The worst effects from the fire are those that result from the fact that the River Fire and other major wildfires have hit regions that are still recovering from previous years’ fire conditions.

Firefighters combatting the River Fire blaze are experiencing fire behaviors that are unprecedented in the state of California. Wind and dry conditions combine to create dangerous wildfires that are more dangerous and widespread than they were just a decade previously. If you or your loved one were affected by the River fire, contact our river complex fire lawyers for additional help and representation. Our skilled attorneys are dedicated to fighting for your health and justice. Call us today and schedule your free case evaluation.

What to Do After the Ranch Fire

California wildfires are devastating natural disasters, and they cause massive loss of life, limb, and property. Communities find themselves in a precarious and vulnerable position, and it is these populations that are most at risk from exploitation. The law from of Eric Ratinoff Law Corp hopes to work with you to understand your rights to financial compensation from your insurance provider. Insurance companies often search for ways to avoid paying out during these devastating events.

The losses California has suffered from the most recent fire will never be completely recoverable, but those who have lost property or suffered injury deserve fair compensation from the insurance companies they have paid for protection. If you need help after the River Fire, contact us today to speak with a Sacramento personal injury attorney from Eric Ratinoff Law Corp.