Sacramento Child Injury Attorney

One of the worst calls a parent can receive is that a child has sustained a serious injury. While it’s normal for children to get bumps and bruises, it is not normal to suffer broken bones, concussions, spinal cord injuries, or other major harm due to someone else’s negligence. As soon as you hear your child has been the victim of a serious playground or daycare accident, its best to contact a childs injury attorney to help your case. We sincerely hope we don’t hear from you about a child injury, but in the worst of times, the Sacramento child injury attorneys at Eric Ratinoff Law are here for you and your family. We will fight aggressively to secure compensation for your child’s injury.

Playground Accidents

Playground accidents can be confusing, with many potential defendants. Before you decide on a course of action, come talk to our skilled child injury attorneys in Sacramento today. We have a deep understanding of California laws, and the responsibilities of individuals, schools, parks, cities, and equipment manufacturers in the event of a playground accident. Here are a few common examples of playground accidents with grounds to bring a claim:

  • Dangerous and defective equipment. Defective product cases bring claims against manufacturing companies and/or distributors for releasing a product that’s dangerous due to poor design, a defect, or lack of proper safety warning labels. If a piece of playground equipment contributed to your child’s accident, you may have a defective product case.
  • Improper playground maintenance. If a piece of equipment broke, the landing surface was too dangerous, or if there are other signs of negligence, such as rust or missing pieces, you may be able to sue the entity in charge of playground maintenance. In a public park, for example, it is often the city’s duty to maintain a playground.
  • Lack of appropriate supervision. In many cases, playground injuries stem from lack of appropriate adult supervision. This may be the case at a private residence, school, or daycare center. You may have a claim against the individual supervisor and/or the facility itself for negligence.

Our Sacramento child injury attorneys are happy to listen to the details of your child’s injuries to help you determine the defendant(s). Keep in mind that if you need to bring a claim against a government entity, such as a public school, you have to file a written statement of your intentions within six months from the date of the injury. The sooner you discuss your case with us, the sooner you and your family can get back to what matters most – recovery.

Daycare Injuries

Your child spends hours of his or her day at a daycare center or other childcare facility. During these hours, you can reasonably assume that staff members are upholding their duties to provide adequate care for your son or daughter. Sadly, this is not always the case. Daycare injuries are more common than many parents realize due to negligent supervisors, unsanitary facilities, and unsafe premises. Children can suffer bite marks, scratches, burn injuries, broken bones, dislocations, head/neck injuries, infections, poisoning, accidental drowning, and getting struck by vehicles at negligent daycare facilities.

Contact a Sacramento Child Injury Attorney

At Eric Ratinoff Law, we know winning compensation won’t erase the pain and suffering your child has undergone. However, financial benefits can go a long way toward helping your family get back on its feet after a terrible accident. Let our team of dedicated Sacramento personal injury attorneys fight to recover what you deserve for your child’s medical expenses, emotional distress, and other damages. We can help you make sense of your life again, shedding light on inadequate and grossly negligent practices at daycare facilities. You may even prevent a similar injury from happening to another child. To learn more about your rights as a parent, call (916) 970-9100 to schedule a free consultation.