Carr Fire Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in the recent Carr Fire, you deserve fair compensation for medical expenses, loss of work, and the pain caused by the disaster. The loss from the most recent California wildfires is immeasurable, and money can’t possibly make up for some of these losses. However, insurers must treat victims fairly, reimbursing victims for injury costs and damage to property.

If you or your family has suffered harm or property loss after the Carr Fire, discuss your case with an attorney who has experience in personal injury law, negations with insurers, and compassion. At Eric Ratinoff Law Corp, our attorneys understand how challenging life after a devastating fire can be. Talk to us one of our California wildfire lawyers today for help with a personal injury claim.

What Started the Carr Fire?

Wildfires are quick to erupt in the dry conditions of the California summer. In recent years, fires have become far more devastating. Dry woods and brush serve as excellent kindling for wildfire, and it takes very little to ignite a devastating fire. The past few decades in California have witnessed a significant increase in devastating wildfires, and by August 2018, there are at least 17 wildfires raging across the state.

The 2018 Carr Fire started due to a flat tire on a roadway near Redding on July 23. A trailer, whose tire went flat, scraped its rim against the pavement – and the sparks from this incident led to the sixth most-destructive wildfire in California history. What may seem an innocuous, simple roadside accident became a truly devastating natural disaster? The Carr Fire is named for the road – Carr Powerhouse Road – which is itself named after Judge Francis Carr, a major judicial influence on the state’s water system.

The Effects on Area After Carr Fire

Wildfires are devastating events that can destroy private property, displace families and cause loss of life. The raging inferno that is the Carr Fire has destroyed over 1,500 homes and continues to burn through the northern part of the state. There have been seven casualties so far – including two firefighters.

Environmental conditions, especially bad winds, worsened the Carr Fire. High wind velocity mixed with the sparks and fire to cause a massive inferno that continues to spread, with only 41% under control as of the first week of August 2018. Displacement and devastation are enormous, with property and vehicles leveled across the region.

Worryingly, the area has recently grappled with a bout of price-gouging following the fire. Price gouging is defined by state law as a price businesses raise in excess of 10% from previous prices, most commonly in the context of natural disasters. Though illegal, businesses often get away with price gouging by taking advantage of a vulnerable population that does not have the resources to file legal action or chooses to purchase from another vendor.

When to Talk with a Northern California Wilfire Attorney

Unfortunately, some people will take advantage of those who are suffering. If you are a victim of the Carr Fire and have lost property, vehicles, or have suffered an injury, speak with a local CA attorney about your next steps. At Eric Ratinoff Law Corp, our Sacramento injury lawyers are here to help victims recover and receive fair compensation for their losses.

Natural disasters may also see insurance companies refuse to pay claims or attempt to commit bad faith fraud against its customers. Insurance agencies should protect against the worst effects of a disaster. When they fail in their duties, it can devastate an already devastated population. Eric Ratinoff Law has the experience necessary to handle your bad faith claims. Contact our team to discuss what your case may need to bring your demands to court.