About Our Firm

Our personal injury lawyers are united by one common thread:  we fight for people.  This is what fuels our drive to work every day.  It is what pushes us past the stress and chaos of the legal system.

An advocate for the injured for over twenty years, Eric’s philosophy guides our way in each and every case. It’s a philosophy that may not be all too common among law firms, but it resides in truth.  It commands that we push past numbers and override the business of practicing law.  We must dive deeper to draw out the true story of what each and every client has suffered.

“I cannot just wear the cloak of honesty, and suddenly be an honest person, because I choose to be one in the courtroom. My jury will see right through that, too. I can’t pretend to be truthful, just because I am in a courtroom.”

If we don’t understand what our client’s have lost, then we cannot possibly represent their interests before the opposing side of defense lawyers, insurance adjustors, and corporate experts.  Personal injury lawsuits often create a David and Goliath scenario, so if we are not driven with a strong sense of purpose, the odds will be stacked against us.

This is why we hand select every single case we accept.  Our standards are tough, because a personal injury lawsuit is a tough process.  We invest a lot in every case we pursue, not only in the resources we devote, but in our personal dedication to each person we represent.  It’s important that our clients are honest with us about their loss, about their expectations for recovery, and about their expectations of us as their advocates.

It’s a long road, but we’re in it together every step of the way, and the relationships we develop are as important to us as the results we strive to obtain for our clients.