Kincade Fire Investigation

If you have been impacted by the Kincade Fire in Geyserville, Healdsburg, Windsor, Mark West Springs, and the surrounding area in Sonoma County, call us now to find out how to preserve your legal right to seek financial recovery in the days to come.

In one of the largest evacuation orders the Sonoma Sheriff’s Department has issued, approximately 180,000 people were evacuated from the same Northern California region that was ravaged only two years ago in the 2017 North Bay Fires. In just five days, the Kincade Fire destroyed 77,758 acres and 374 buildings—including 174 homes and 11 commercial properties. The Kincade Fire has also destroyed the historic Soda Rock Winery as it tore through the Alexander Valley wine growing region.

Most of us here in Northern California are still reeling from the damages of other recent wildfires. Some have just begun to rebuild their homes that were destroyed in the Tubbs Fire; others are still trying to find a home after losing everything to the Camp Fire. It’s difficult to fathom yet another disaster threatening the security of those who have only just begun to heal from the tragedies they’ve endured. It’s maddening to consider that every year we must pay so dearly for what the Governor has called “corporate greed” and “decades of mismanagement” by PG&E.

For us, wildfires became a personal fight back in the 2015 Butte Fire. We took on PG&E for our friends and neighbors and helped hundreds of home and business owners recover millions of dollars to rebuild their homes and businesses in Calaveras and Amador Counties. Since then, we’ve represented thousands of others who have suffered immeasurable losses to preventable wildfires in Lake and Mendocino Counties, in Napa and Sonoma Counties, and in Butte County.

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Did PG&E cause the Kincade Fire in Sonoma, California?

Recently, the Kincade Fire tore through Geyserville, Healdsburg, Windsor, Mark West Springs, and other parts of Sonoma County, devastating the same region of Northern California that
suffered tremendously through the 2017 North Bay Fires. There is already evidence pointing to Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)’s role in the Sonoma County Kincade Fire, and we are currently pursuing remedies to assist all Sonoma residents who suffered loss from this most recent tragedy. If you or someone you love was impacted by the Kincade Fire, call us today to find out more about your recovery options.

Kincade Fire Claims Against PG&E

Now that we face yet another disaster that appears to be related to PG&E’s negligence and mismanagement of California’s utility infrastructure, the questions loom.

  • Will financial compensation be possible now that PG&E is in bankruptcy proceedings?
  • Will insurance companies continue to pay out on homeowners’ policies after when wildfires have already accounted for billions of dollars in losses in California?
  • What happens if insurance companies start denying wildfire claims?
  • What happens if PG&E is found liable, but can’t afford to pay for the wildfire damage their power lines caused?
  • What forms of compensation can I seek to help me get back on my feet after a wildfire?
  • What forms of compensation can I seek to recover financially and rebuild my home?

Our firm is actively investigating the origins of the Kincade Fire, and we will be directly involved in pursuing recovery options for Sonoma residents who lost their homes and businesses to this tragic event. For the past five years, we have partnered with Robert Jackson of Jackson Trial Lawyers, an expert wildfire attorney in Southern California who has spent over 20 years fighting major utility companies throughout California and Utah over preventable wildfires. Robert has spearheaded (and been appointed as lead trial counsel and/or on plaintiff’s liaison committee) some of the largest wildfire litigation in California, including:

  • The 2007 San Diego Wildfires (Rice/Witch-Guejito Fires);
  • The 2012 Wood Hollow Fire;
  • The 2015 Butte Fire;
  • The 2016 Erskine Fire; and
  • The 2017 North Bay Fires.

If you have been evacuated, displaced, and suffered loss due to the Kincade Fire, we encourage you to call our office to find out how we can help you through the long road ahead. We’ve traveled this road many times, and we’ve helped thousands of people navigate the wildfire recovery process. We are here to help. Fill out the form on this page, or call us today at 916-970-9100, or toll free at (866) 527-4278.