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Sacramento workers compensation lawyer

Injuries that occur on a job site are referred to as a workplace injuries. These types of injuries are often serious & debilitating, and can prevent you from earning wages that you depend on. For this reason, it’s important to seek an experienced workplace injury attorney in Sacramento for proper compensation for injuries, and for all other aspects of life that have suffered as a result of your accident.

Your employer usually has workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees from being injured on a job site. Most times this will serve as the source for compensation related to your workplace injury. However, a personal injury lawsuit or product liability case may be appropriate if the work related accident involved negligence of someone other than the employer, or a defective product.

Types of Workplace Accidents in Sacramento, California

Work related injuries also happen because of dangerous design and construction of walkways, stairways and other areas open to pedestrians. Falls are also a common source of injuries in the workplace. If a worker falls from broken scaffolding, a malfunctioning crane, or into a vat that was inadvertently left open, the consequences can be fatal. All too often, workplace falls are a result of someone’s negligence and should be properly investigated to ensure the family’s legal and financial security.

Perhaps the most dangerous source of workplace injury is the dangerous and defective products that workers are exposed to each day. Equipment manufacturers often cut corners to reduce cost of industrial machinery by choosing not to include necessary safety features on equipment. Every employer in California is legally obligated to provide and maintain a safe environment for employees. These regulations incorporate every aspect of a job site, including construction areas, warehouses, offices and more. In addition, there must be proper inspections provided, and working/safe equipment.

If you have been injured on the job, and the person responsible is a vendor, contractor, temporary agency, the law allows you to file a personal injury claim against the party. For almost 20 years, Eric Ratinoff has been representing people who have been injured in the workplace due to dangerous and defective equipment. The manufacturers of this equipment can be help strictly liable in California for any and all injuries that they cause.

Common Injuries:

Sacramento workers compensation attorney

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Many work-related injuries require costly medical care, and can greatly impact your livelihood in many ways. Facing expensive hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and loss of wages from recovery will all have a severe effect on your life and your families lives. When you’re faced with this type of situation it’s best to have a reliable, experienced, and dedicated Sacramento personal injury lawyer on your side to aid you during this difficult time, and help to navigate you in the direction for proper & fair compensation. Contact our Sacramento workers compensation attorneys for questions or a free case evaluation at, (916) 970-9100.