Sacramento Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer 

Uber and Lyft have become staples in the global transportation industry. These two major rideshare companies have millions of users between them worldwide, who use the apps for convenience and affordability. Uber and Lyft both began in San Francisco, California. If you suffered injuries in the nearby city of Sacramento in an Uber or Lyft accident, a Sacramento Uber and Lyft accident lawyer can help.

Eric Ratinoff Law Corp has helped hundreds of clients in our years of providing representation around California. Our Sacramento car accident lawyers understand rideshare accident claims and how to get the most for them in Sacramento. We will discuss your case in-depth, create a strong legal strategy, and take the necessary steps to fight for compensation. Start your case today with a call to our law office to speak with a Sacramento Uber and Lyft attorney at (916) 970-9100 today!

Sacramento Uber accident lawyer

Who Is Liable for Uber and Lyft Accidents?

California is a “fault” car insurance state. This means the party financially responsible (liable) for a car accident will typically be the same one that caused the collision. As an Uber or Lyft passenger, odds are you weren’t at fault for your auto accident. Instead, fault likely lies with your Uber/Lyft driver or the driver of another motor vehicle. It’s possible that a third party such as a roadway maintenance crew or vehicle part manufacturer also shares liability for your damages.

Both Uber and Lyft have $1 million insurance policies in place to pay for rider damages in the event of an accident. You automatically qualify for compensation under these policies the moment you step into the Uber or Lyft vehicle. When the driver logs into the app and has passengers in the vehicle, Uber and Lyft offer the highest levels of insurance coverage to riders. Filing an insurance claim with the rideshare company will generally result in payment for your medical bills and other losses.

Personal injury cases in Sacramento often result in better recovery than insurance claims. Taking your case further than an insurance claim, however, can be difficult with Uber and Lyft accidents. Various levels of insurance coverage, multiple liable parties, and the classification of rideshare drivers in California can all impact your claim. Rideshare companies have a reputation for evading legal responsibility for accidents in the past. Hire one of our Sacramento Uber and Lyft accident attorneys to optimize your odds of full financial recovery from Uber, Lyft, one of its drivers, or another party.

How Can A Sacramento Ride Share Lawyer Help?

Uber or Lyft accidents often lead to broken bones, lacerations, soft tissue injuries, whiplash, spinal cord injuries, head and brain injuries, burns, and other serious injuries. Some reckless rideshare drivers have even killed passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. The more severe your car accident injuries, the more important it is to hire a Sacramento Uber and Lyft accident attorney. At Eric Ratinoff Law Corp, we have the tools and knowledge you need to strengthen your personal injury case in Sacramento.

Our Sacramento law firm can help by taking over legal matters on your behalf. We can determine your statute of limitations, fulfill filing requirements, and bring your claim to the appropriate court or insurance representative. Then, we can argue for the compensation we believe you deserve, based on our valuation of your injuries and damages. As a rideshare passenger, you have the right to pursue full recovery as someone who did not cause the crash.

Come to Eric Ratinoff Law Corp as soon as possible after a Sacramento Uber or Lyft accident. You should have information such as the name and insurance company of both drivers involved in the wreck, as well as your medical records and police report number. We can use this information to understand and build your case during a free consultation. Let us help you go up against a rideshare company and its insurer. Contact us online today to learn more about your case.