California Brain Injury Resource Guide

Traumatic brain injuries can instantly turn your life upside down. From the financial costs of treating your injuries to the countless days and months it will take to establish a new “normal” lifestyle – recovering from a traumatic brain injury can be a challenging and emotional time.

There are many different causes for brain injuries such as car accidents that involve trauma to the head, insufficient oxygen to the brain, and infection. Below are a few of the most common causes for brain injuries in the US:

Most Common Causes for Brain Injuries in California

  • 65% of head injuries are caused by trips/falls
  • 16% of injuries are caused by serious car accidents
  • Being struck by an object accounts for 4% of brain injuries
  • Physical assault accounts for 5% of brain injuries

Top Sources of Payment for TBI in California

Suffering a brain injury not only takes an emotional toll on the victim and their family, but the injury is also financially straining.

  • Traumatic brain injuries can cost an individual between $600,000 and $1.8 million
  • The current annual cost in the U.S. to treat traumatic brain injuries is $60 billion
  • Despite these numbers, the government spends less than $3 per brain-injured person on TBI research each year

Brain injuries can leave you with lasting side effects – However there are a number of people and places that you can reach out to for help.

The Brain Injury Association of California (BIACAL)

The Brain Injury Association of California is an organization dedicated to increasing awareness for traumatic brain injuries. Their mission is not only to provide injury survivors with resources but also to create an understanding of just how much a brain injury can affect an individual’s life. BIACAL has provided an accessible list of resources for injury victims and their families making it easy for them to reach out for support and rehabilitation services. The organization has a mission to really improve the quality of life for those who have been affected by a brain injury.

Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery

Founded in 1985, The Schurig Center for Brain Injury and Recovery, formerly known as Marin Brain Injury Network, is a non-profit organization located in the Bay Area. The organization is dedicated to helping brain injury victims and their families live and rebuild their lives to the fullest after suffering from a traumatic injury. From therapeutic yoga classes to speech therapy and an abundance of resources made available to patients, the Schurig Center is a safe place for survivors to share their experiences and cope with the changes in their life. The organization has impacted thousands of lives and continues to strive on the fact that healing is possible after a brain injury.

California Brain Injury Support System

The California Brain Injury Support Center is a place for brain injury victims and their families to refer to for a comprehensive list of brain injury resources throughout the state of California. They have dozens of traumatic brain injury resources that provide information regarding where you can go for a brain injury diagnosis, rehabilitation services, disability services or support groups. Resources are categorized by California counties as well as types of service.

The Betty Clooney Center

Founded in 1983, The Betty Clooney Center located in Los Angeles, California – is a community dedicated to serving those who have been affected by a traumatic brain injury. The organization was named by Nick and Rosemary Clooney, in memory of their sister Betty Clooney after she passed away in 1976 from a brain aneurysm. The center provides everything a brain injury survivor and their family might need – From basic brain injury facts to resources for learning how to manage and treat an injury. The Betty Clooney Center also keeps an updated section on their site for brain injury related news topics.

St. Jude Brain Injury Network

As a program of St. Jude Medical Center, The St. Jude Brain Injury Network coordinates services to help survivors of traumatic brain injury. The program helps injury survivors with seeking support and services that will enhance their integration into the community. The Brain Injury Network provides resources for healthy living, brain game activities and support groups. They also have a long list of general resources such as government agencies, rehab & disability programs, veteran resources and college programs for students with brain injuries.

Dignity Health Sacramento

The Dignity Health Neurological Institute in Northern California assists patients at every stage of a traumatic brain injury. The center has resources for immediate response when an injury occurs, intensive care units, rehabilitation, outpatient therapy, brain injury support groups and a reintegration program. Their neurological team is highly experienced and dedicated to giving their patients the best care – The center has a full team consisting of nurses, physical and occupational therapists,  neuropsychologists and more.

This list is approved by Sacramento personal injury lawyer Eric Ratinoff Law Corp, who supports and represents brain injury victims and their families.