Citrus Heights Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents can occur in the blink of an eye, leaving the drivers and passengers involved with severe injuries. It has been reported that each day there are approximately 3,700 fatal car accidents in the United States. When a person is injured in a car accident, they have the legal right to file a car accident injury claim to pursue compensation for their injuries and losses. 

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a car accident in Citrus Heights, California, an experienced car accident lawyer may be able to help. 

Attorney Eric Ratinoff of Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. has over 25 years of experience helping people who have been the victims of car accidents in California. We know that the recovery process following a damaging car accident can be overwhelming, and we are here to help. We work hard on your behalf to obtain resources that will aid in bringing you to a complete recovery. Attorney Eric Ratinoff is passionate about helping clients pursue the maximum compensation they are owed.

What Are Common Causes of Car Accidents in Citrus Heights?

Car accidents can occur for many different reasons, but the leading cause is driver negligence. Some examples of driver negligence include:

Distracted Driving

Taking your eyes off of the road for even a second can result in a deadly crash. A person may be distracted while driving if they participate in any of the following:

  • Using a phone
  • Changing music
  • Eating or drinking
  • Reaching for something behind them
  • Fixing makeup or hair

Sometimes it may seem necessary to look away from the road while driving, but pulling over when you have the opportunity to do so safely is always the better option.

Driving While under the Influence

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not only dangerous, but it is also illegal. If you plan to drink, do not get behind the wheel of a car. Instead, utilize a rideshare service or a designated sober driver. 


It is common for drivers to speed, but it is also dangerous. When a driver goes above the legal speed limit, they may lose control of their vehicle more easily or be unable to make a quick stop if needed. 

Reckless Driving

Also known as “road rage”, reckless driving can cause a damaging accident. A driver may be reckless when swerving in and out of lanes or making short stops in front of other cars. 

Disobeying Traffic Signs and Signals

It is important that drivers obey all road signs and signals to prevent an accident from occurring. If a driver runs through a red light or a stop sign, they may cause a crash. 

Driving While Drowsy

It is important that drivers pull over to a safe spot and rest if they are feeling drowsy behind the wheel. Being drowsy can slow your reaction times and falling asleep at the wheel can cause a deadly accident.

Inexperienced Driving

New or inexperienced drivers often do not have the skills needed to avoid a car accident. They should practice in a safe area with minimal traffic before driving on busy roads. 

What Are Different Types of Car Accidents?

There are many different types of car accidents that may occur on the roads of Citrus Heights. 

  • Rear-end car accidents
  • Head-on car accidents
  • Intersectional or T-bone car accidents
  • Sideswipe car accidents

After a car accident, victims may be left with severe injuries and losses. 

Common Injuries Suffered by Car Accident Victims

Due to the sheer size and mass of cars, when an accident occurs, the drivers and passengers involved are often left with extensive injuries and a long road to recovery. Some of the most common injuries suffered by car accident victims include:

  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
  • Back, neck, and spine injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Loss of limbs
  • Internal injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Severe burns
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Death

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a car accident caused by a negligent party, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. 

Get Help from a Citrus Heights Car Accident Lawyer

If a car accident has left you or a loved one injured, you deserve justice for your losses. When filing a car accident claim, you may receive financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potential, property damage, or pain and suffering. To discuss representation for your claim, contact a Citrus Heights car accident lawyer. 

Eric Ratinoff Law Corp. is a car accident law firm that is passionate about helping clients pursue the financial compensation they are owed for their injuries. With over 25 years of experience, our Citrus Heights personal injury lawyers are dedicated to providing clients with trusted legal services. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here or call (916) 970-9100.